Name:  Alexander Cherney, Director and Director of Photography


1972-1977  M.A. in Cinema and Television Film from VGIK – the Academy of

Cinema – Moscow

1990    Seminar in “Publicity and Art” – Moscow

1993    Symposium   “Film in Israel” – Tel Aviv

1994    Television Course at MATAV – Cable Television, Israel

1995    Course in Israeli Film – Jerusalem

Work Experience:

22/03/08     Presentation of feature Film  “An Inflated Heart” at the Tel- Aviv Cinematheque

2008            Feature Film, “An Inflated Heart” (120 minutes)

June 2005   Presentation of feature Film “Attraction” at the Culture centre, Jerusalem

2003-2005  Feature Film, “Attraction” (75 minutes)

Documentary Film, “A Special Village” (filming stage, 70 min.)

Feb. 2003   Channel 10 Israel TV broadcast about me and my work on the

program, “Castles in the Air”

2003           Documentary – “Before” (27 minutes)

2002           Animated Film – “The Evil Wizard” (10 minutes)

2001           Animated Film – “More Precious than Gold: (6 minutes)

Broadcast on Channel 1, Israeli Educational TV

1998-2000  Publicity Films for NTV (Russian TV Channel)

1998           Produced Film to celebrate Israel’s 50th Anniversary, “Israel and I”

1997           Produced and Filmed film, “The Beauty of Elderly Faces”

April 4, 1996   Radio Play, “A Late Echo” broadcast by the Voice of Israel

1996            Produced and Filmed, “Winter in Israel” (Studio RIF)

May, 1995   Participated as Cameraman for live BBC broadcasts of

Israeli Prime Ministerial election

1995            Cameraman for action film, “Prodania” at the Givat Haviva Studio

Broadcast on Israeli TV – Channel 2

Sept. 21, 1994  Presentation of Action Film (1970 – 1975 years, Odessa ) at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque

House – Tel Aviv

1993-94        Wrote screenplay and directed “Stained Glass” (30 minutes)

Broadcast on Cable TV, Israel

1993-94         “Anima Studios” – Director of Photography for ”Big Songs for

Little Ones” and publicity films

30 March 1993  Repatriation to Israel

List of Festival Participation and Awards

2009     Feature Film, “An Inflated Heart”, (120 minutes)  “The Jewish Eye” Film Festival,

Ashkelon, Israel

2005     Feature Film, “Attraction”, (75 minutes)  “The Jewish Eye” Film Festival,

Be’er Sheva, Israel

2004     Animated short, “More Precious than Gold”,  Warsaw Jewish Film

Festival (April 2004) Warsaw, Poland

2003     Documentary, “Before”, screenings in Mexico and Budapest (with the

participation of Keren Hayesod)

2004     “More Precious than Gold” and “The Evil Wizard” shown at “The Sixth

Wolgin Jewish Film Festival” (1/08/2004)

2002-     “The Evil Wizard”, Film Festival in Murrieta, California, March, 2003

2003        Awarded Best Foreign Entry Prize – 2003

“Animated Cinema-2003” Festival, Waterloo, Canada

2001        “More Precious than Gold” ASIFA Animation Festival, Tel-Aviv


2002         Festival in Murrieta, California, Awarded Best Foreign Entry Prize

22nd Annual Jewish Film Festival – San Francisco, California

5th Annual Religion Today Film Festival, Trento, Italy

“Special Mention Prize” October, 2002

13th Annual Jewish Film Festival, San Diego, California

1990          “Humanistic Education”, Educational Film Festival, Moscow

Awarded 1st Prize

1979          “Summer Has Come” Winner of Grand Prize “The Golden Ship”           Award at        UNESCO International Film Festival , Varna

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