At age 16, I personally assembled a movie camera and filmed my first piece about the Funicular in Odessa (the electric cable railway).  After completing my studies in school, I worked as an assistant photographer at a documentary film studio.  My first film in which I worked as an assistant cameraman, is about the city of Odessa, and was created in 1964.  It is currently being preserved at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.

In 1968, I began working at a feature film studio in Odessa. Concurrently, I completed my studies at the Film Academy in Moscow as a feature film cameraman.

The film I made for my diploma, done in the style of a rock opera for children, entitled, “Summer Has Come”, won The Golden Ship award, the Grand Prize in the UNESCO sponsored International Film Festival in 1979.

From 1971-1975, I made five short feature films.  These were independent, unofficial (UNDERGROUND) films, something that was not encouraged in the Soviet Union.  In 1994, these films were screened at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque.

In 1996, I participated in a project called “Hothouse” under the auspices of the Israeli Film Services in Jerusalem, where I filmed a documentary, “The Art of the Possible”  (60 minutes)

In my studio, we created animated films for children and youth featuring motifs from legends of the Jewish people.  People are familiar with folklore of the Russian, German, French and English people but the folkloric legends of the people of Israel, which were derived from the hardships and deep suffering of he Jewish people, are not well-known.

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It is important to us that the children of Israel and their parents know that the stories of the history of the people of Israel are alive and vital to us today.

Alexander Cherney

Director, Studio RIF

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