studiorif On June - 3 - 2010

Written and directed by Alexander Cherney

Starring: Mark Marshal, Dana Kucherovsky

Composer – Sergei  Megirov

Production, Studio “RIF”, 2005, 75 minutes, Hebrew, Russian, English subtitles

“Lesha, why are we here?  What didn’t we have enough of there?” asks Sveta, the heroine of the movie, of her husband.

They are a young couple from St. Petersburg, who arrived in Israel in the midst of terror attacks.  How would you answer this question?  They were forced to change from a relatively prosperous life in Russia to one full of tension.  What drew them to this corner of the world where there is no hint of peace?  What mysterious force of attraction is in this land, where Jews come to from all over the world?  The plot of the film is full of tension, affecting the heroes, leading them to do reckless things.

The film takes place in archaeological excavations near a family in Jerusalem, in a prison and in an artists’ village.  Lesha and Sveta meet with Israelis of different ages, occupations and political beliefs, both religious and secular.  As a result of the intense emotional experiences that they live through, Sveta comes to understand the answer to her question.

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